The Blue Castle – reviews

Reviews by Magdalena Kuc (Warsaw Express) and Kinga Wojciechowska (Presto).

Exquisite soprano Sylwia Danieluk appeared as Joanna. Her Joanna is delicate, thoughtful and romantic – exactly what the character created by Lucy Maud Montgomery should be. Danieluk is endowed with a beautiful, deep voice and fantastic diction, recalling actresses performing on Polish scenes before the Second World War. She creates the main character in a very subtle way. With bated breath we follow the extraordinary transition under the influence of dramatic events that Joanna undergoes. From a broken chrysalis, under the influence of love, she turns into a beautiful blue butterfly.

Magdalena Kuc


In this role, I saw Sylwia Danieluk, who debuted on the Mazovian Music Theatre stage. Initially, I regretted that I missed the premiere with Anna Lasota as Joanna, but with every sung phrase, with each subsequent gesture I was more and more cheering on Sylwia. I checked later that it is comprehensively educated, but I thought that she should choose acting and singing of all the ways. Because she is good. Talented and full of charm. She was convincing both as a narrator and as when interacting with other artists. After the premiere, I asked the artist did she read a novel. She replied that she didn’t, so she could follow the libretto and director and not to overplay the role and create a believable character. She made it.

Kinga Wojciechowska