Evenings at the Arsenal – review

I invite you to read the review by Barbara Lekarczyk-Cisek (kulturalneingrediencje.blogspot.com).

The last song [Agnus Dei from the Coronation Mass] sounded particularly beautiful, awarded with deserved applause and sung by the artist for an encore. This beautiful, passionate cantilena strongly appealed to the hearts of the audience gathered in the courtyard. Interesting timbre of voice and lightness in interpreting this beautiful piece were really worth the applause. After the break, the artist also sang Exsulate, jubilate – a spectacular and difficult piece, but performed brilliantly by Sylwia Danieluk. Even the famous high C sang splendidly. Alleluja left public wanting more ?

Barbara Lekarczyk-Cisek

The concert took place on June 28, 2019 in the courtyard of the Wroclaw Arsenal as part of the 23rd Chamber Music Festival Evenings at the Arsenal.